Compare Agroanalytics system tariffs
This is the cost of the system for the end customer for 1 month of use
Field passport and crop rotation
Field yield ratings
Expected yields
Protection and fertilizing schemes & NDVI, uploading photos from the UAV
Production tasks and material usage
Agrochemistry data
Operating and short term planning
Crop control
Quality characteristics of the crop
Integration with accountant software
Integration with SAP ERP, BI systems
Automated formation of waybills
Integration with monitoring systems and equipment
Analytical reports on fuel consumption
Automatic drain analyzer
Analytical report on equipment operation
Need and material usage
Key performance indicators (KPIs)
Online Mobile app for an economist
Cadastral analytics
Formation of records on crops condition with photo, video or voice comments
Mobile application for agro scouts
Agro scouts work planning and work quality control
Formation of targets in phases of growth
Situation control center
Area limits
up to 5 000 ha
up to 20 000 ha
up to 90 000 ha
not limited
Data storage
1 GB
5 GB
40 GB
Not limited
History of field report
12 months
3 years
5 years
Not limited
Price per month
From $1675
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