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The agronomy block
The agronomy block combines data on fields, crops, technology and crop rotation, plants protection chemicals. The field register allows you to create a consolidated report with detailed information on every plot, indicating the crop, current biomass development, actual and planned yield, which is determined according to agricultural scouting data.
The bloсk of agro scouting allows you to systematize the process of information gathering on the state of fields and crops by planning the work of agricultural scouts and using a mobile application. The system accumulates all the data collected by a scout and, on its basis, makes recommendations on the processing of every field.
The engineering block
The engineering block allows you to control the position of the equipment, the process of performing the work execution and the entire fuel chain from the issuance of fuel to writing-off, including the drain analyzer. The block allows you to generate waybills and reports on all types of agricultural machinery automatically.
Finances & KPI
The financial block combines the expenses directory, requirements and material consumption, as well as key performance indicators of the enterprise. The flexible structure of cost centers allows for both general and detailed financial planning of expenses by months.
Operational and annual planning
The system allows you to perform seasonal and short term planning based on crop rotation, process operations, production capacity and established KPI. The block includes the production and financial development program of the enterprise.
Harvest control
The harvest control module allows monitoring the transport chain from the field to the weighbridge, from the harvester to the final point of reception. It minimizes the risk of product thefts, making the process of harvesting and transportation transparent. The crop control module provides integrity, reliability and validation of data, contributes personnel discipline and increased yield capacity.
Cadastral control
Cadastral control allows an agronomist, a legal department and a management of agribusiness to work with the land resources efficiently. The system helps you to take well- timed decisions related to changes in the structure of the land resources and property relations.
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