4 tariffs for your efficiency
The system of Agroanalytics is divided into4 functional tariffs for the optimal solution of your tasks from measuring fields to managing an agricultural holding
Tariff Start

  • Field passport
  • Crop rotation
  • Technologies
  • Protection and fertilizing schemes
  • Production tasks
  • Agrochemistry data
  • Need and material usage
  • Expenses log
  • Formation of records on crops condition with photo, video or voice comments
  • Mobile application
  • NDVI and uploading photos from the UAV
*No integration with monitoring systems and equipment on the Start tariff.
Tariff Standart
In addition to the Start tariff:

  • Field yield ratings
  • Short term planning
  • Crop control
  • Quality characteristics of the crop
  • Integration with accountant software
  • Integration with monitoring systems and equipment
  • Automated formation of waybills
  • Automatic drain analyzer
  • Mobile application for mechine operator
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Cadastral excerpt upload
  • Automated register formation
Tariff Pro
In addition to the Standard tariff:

  • Expected yields
  • Integration with SAP ERP, BI systems
  • Online Mobile app for an agronomist
  • Online Mobile app for an economist
  • Interaction with agro consultants
  • Integration with short term planning
  • Agro scouts work planning
  • Formation of targets in phases of growth
  • Quality control of work
  • Enhancements of the system at the customer's request
Tariff Premium
Premium tariff supports all system functionality and provides for the possibility of custom modifications on demand. The premium tariff includes online mobile applications for each functional unit of the system.
Choose your optimal tariff
System cost for the end customer for 1 month of use
  • up to 5 000 ha
  • no integration with vehicles
  • 1 GB data
  • 1 year of history
  • up to 20 000 ha
  • not limited
  • 5 GB data
  • 3 years of history
$ 508
  • up to 90 000 ha
  • not limited
  • 40 GB data
  • 5 years of history
$ 1016
  • not limited
  • not limited
  • not limited
  • not limited
from $1675
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