Effective Farming
Management System

Who Needs Agroanalytics
For an agronomist
to track the status of fields in real time, to plan agricultural operations
For a dispatcher
to generate waybills automatically, to control the fuel chain
For аn economist
to make payroll calculations, to conduct seasonal and short-term financial planning
For a manager
to track KPIs and to increase profits of an agricultural enterprise
If You Have Fields — You Should Have Agroanalytics
Increase your profit from agricultural enterprise without any additional investment
Make the Right Decisions
You don`t need to store in your head the information for several years to analyze the work of your agricultural enterprise — Agroanalytics will do it for you!

The system will process data in more than 30 parameters and will provide analytics, which will be an excellent support for decision making in short-term or annual planning.
Optimize Your Resources
Use the potential of your agricultural enterprise with Agroanalytics at 100 %. The system will calculate the optimal output per vehicle, fuel consumption and even the required amount of plant protection chemicals for every field.

No more unexpected costs, with Agroanalytics you know exactly, where your money goes.
Plan Your Field Works
Agroanalytics will undertake the monotonous tasks on drawing up lists of equipment and statement of orders. Reference books with lists of the most popular manufacturers of equipment, crops, growth technologies and types of processing operations are already loaded into the system. Just select the required equipment, the field and watch how the waybill is generated automatically.
Reduce Costs
Agroanalytics will save up to 30 % of the fuel rate at the enterprise and will reduce the depreciation costs for corporate transport. The system will make transparent the fuel chain and the entire financial structure of the enterprise. The flexible cost center structure provides general and detailed financial cost planning by months.
Eliminate Thefts
It is simple to increase the volume of the harvest by eliminating thefts of the harvest. Control the harvesting process in Agroanalytics from the field to the weighbridge. The crop control system ensures the integrity, reliability and accuracy of data, contributes to improvement of personnel discipline and yield.
Working Comfortably Wherever You Are
We`ve developed our own mobile application for real-time access and data management for every user of Agroanalytics. With our application, a scout can attach photos of the plots offline; an agronomist can contribute up-to-date information for every field; a dispatcher can track the movement of fuel, and a manager can monitor KPI indicators.
Why Agroanalytics
We have combined the most effective tools in one system to solve your tasks
Integration With Telematics
Close integration with telematics significantly reduces the costs of maintaining equipment, and minimizes the human factor, by automatization of the waybills formation.
Harvest Control
The unique module's functionality reduces crop losses up to 40 % and increases the yield by at least 5 % per hectare.
Defueling Analyzer
The built-in drain analyzer automatically distinguishes the real fuel drain from the false one, accelerating the work of the dispatcher and identifying the cases of fuel thefts at the enterprise.
The Dedicated Equipment
Complex agricultural projects require special equipment. We work with the equipment, which is specially developed for agricultural machinery and integrated with Agroanalytics.
Functional Modular System
Agroanalytics presents 4 tariffs with a tool kit for every functional activity: from agronomy to economy. Choose the optimal rate and don`t pay for services you do not need.
Mobile Offline Applications
For the first time, work in the system is available to everyone: from the economist in an office to an agronomist on the field. Manage data regardless the availability of mobile network and Internet signals.
Results From System Implementation
Agroanalytics pays off during
the first year of implementation
Our Customers Guarantee Your The System Efficiency
Over 300 agricultural holdings in Russia and CIS already use Agroanalytics
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